H2K2: Hackers on Planet Earth 2002



If you're interested in volunteering, we can certainly use the help. Volunteers don't get in for free but they do get a free H2K2 volunteer shirt for their efforts. If you're interested in helping out, just email volunteers@h2k2.net.

Except where noted, no particular experience is required to be a volunteer at H2K2.

Do you have a cool head? Stay calm under pressure? Maybe you'd like to work with H2K2 security. Security will work around the clock to ensure a safe conference for everyone. Minimal time commitment: 12 hours.

Volunteers are needed for set-up and tear-down, and to run the sound and light boards. Are you good with a camera? We especially need volunteer camerapeople to record speaker sessions. Some experience desired. Minimal time commitment: 8 hours.

The stage management team will oversee smooth operation of speaker sessions. Interaction with A/V and speakers, as well as assisting with conference attendees' needs. Minimal time commitment: 8 hours.

Got network skills? Know how to splice cat5? Ever programmed a VLAN? Consider volunteering your time to work with the network team. The team will set up a large in-house network, manage network security, and ensure a good flow of data within and around the Hotel Penn. Minimal time commitment: 8 hours.

Must have knowledge of streaming formats and ability to set up and operate the server software and operate encoding stations. Will coordinate with the network and web teams to deliver content to the H2K2 conference and the world. Minimal time commitment: 6 hours.

H2K2 will have a 24-hour information desk on the 2nd floor of Hotel Penn, for everything from wireless access instructions to band-aids. Minimal time commitment: 4 hours.

H2K2 will have a variety of speaker sessions, panel sessions, workshops and demonstrations. If you have an idea see the speakers section of this site for more information.

Got stuff? H2K2 can use equipment. Everything will be insured by the conference, and treated as nicely as possible.
Computer projectors. We need bright multimedia projectors, the kind that cost a fortune to rent and work in daylight.
Pro sound and light. Do you own professional sound, DJ gear, lighting, etc.? Want to make it available to H2K2? Get in touch!
Digital video (DV) cameras, for recording sessions.
Hubs and/or switches.
Power strips and extension cords.
Wireless base stations.
About 8 pc's and 4 tv tuner cards (needed for handling the AV streams).
LOTS of cat 5 (At H2K, Bernie S saved our skins by bringing 7 spools of cat 5).

H2K2 set-up is scheduled to start Thursday, July 11 and take-down will end Monday, July 15. The conference itself runs from Friday-Sunday. Most volunteer teams will be working from set-up through take-down, but the real action, for most, is Friday-Sunday.

If you can help out in any of these areas, please email volunteers@h2k2.net

To subscribe to the H2K2 mailing list, for general discussion on H2K2, email majordomo@2600.com and enter "subscribe h2k2" on the first line of the message.

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