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H2K2 - NYC 07.12_14.2002 - the 4th HOPE conference, sponsored by 2600

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Now that most of us have finally gotten back to a degree of normalcy, it's time to offer our sincere thanks for making the H2K2 conference the smashing success it was. While we've become used to the good karma that emanates from the HOPE conferences, this was our biggest effort by far and none of it would have been possible without so many people doing everything they could to make it fun and educational. It was also the first time we've had one conference so closely followed by another - H2K2 followed H2K by only two years as opposed to the three year gap we normally had between conferences.

This year space was most definitely not the problem it was in the past, thanks to our having so much more of it. Each of our two main speaker tracks was able to sustain the huge crowds they attracted while our third track, reserved for last minute and self scheduled speakers, had ample space as well. The film room worked out very nicely for both small and large presentations. And, of course, we had all of downstairs for the network and musical performances, all of which ran around the clock. The 24 hour environment of midtown Manhattan lent itself very well to the 24 hour environment of the hacker world. For many, H2K2 was their first taste of New York and it proved to be an overwhelmingly positive one.

We want to thank our many volunteers who made it all possible. We want to thank all of our speakers who kept the speaker rooms jammed from morning to night. We also want to thank our attendees who made things really pleasant with their enthusiasm, patience, and overall positive attitude. And of course we want to thank the staff of the Hotel Pennsylvania, who were extremely helpful to us and were willing to work within our unconventional style. We look forward to our next conference in 2004.

We're going to be posting audio of the many talks at H2K2 in the weeks ahead. If you have pictures you would like to share with us, please email them to pictures@h2k2.net for our post-H2K2 site. We're glad everybody had fun and we invite your comments and reviews at feedback@h2k2.net


Special thanks to Porkchop, Ninjacow69, Aresenic, Clorox Haxor, Venadium, agourdji, Maul, Patty, Numina, Rop, jinboow, and Mr. Pseudonym.

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